a southern artist


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The inspiration of the Molecular Series


My ambition with the Molecular series is to create a visual representation of the untamed, wild energy within me for others to witness. The Molecular series is a very intentional development of visual diary entries of how my body feels at that moment behind the easel and the way I'm internally reacting to my day-to-day.

It's like the quote by Carl Sagan, "We are all stardust." For me, I want to explore that miniature part of myself. I want to acknowledge that I'm more than this life I live and the way I move throughout my days.

I've found that while creating this series I've become more honest and intuitive with my Art. When someone is looking at a painting of mine they're seeing a part of me that's vulnerable. They are seeing this part of me that is delicate but also has this strength and vibrancy.