Archival Canvas Prints for "Flora IV" & "At the Center"

Archival Canvas Prints for "Flora IV" & "At the Center"


An archival canvas, limited edition prints of "Flora IV" measuring at 30"x40" and “At the center” measuring at 30”x30”

The Molecular Series is a meditation of what occurs inside of our bodies without a second thought and how the micro life forces inside us have their own reality. It focuses solely on my molecular biology and how I react to my experiences and surroundings.

PRINTED TO ORDER - Each print is made to order & processing time takes 2 weeks. Each print is made to order and printed on a high-quality archival canvas surface. These prints will come unmatted and framed.  The print will not include the Angie the Rose watermark.

Artist is not responsible for shipping damage. If damage occurs and additional insurance was purchased email the artist with pictures of original wrapping and piece.

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