Where did Summer go?

Summer used to mean long days exploring the woods in my backyard, going to the county swimming pool with my sister and her friends during the week, and on the weekend going to Deep Creek to go tubing with my family.

Adulthood changes things drastically. I didn't realize the change until it most recently hit me when all I wanted to do with my time was be in my studio and paint. Damn cleaning the house, buying groceries, etc, etc etc.

I dreamed of being older, most kids do. The thought of freedom and doing whatever I wanted was a tantalizing daydream I periodically had. Then school years happened, and graduations happened, and then the official waltz into the deep end of priorities engulfed me.

This summer was a test mentally and physically with the overbearing heat that just recently started gearing up to become a sadistic monster.

What does all this have to do with my two series I'm working? Everything. The paintings I've created this year have been an ode to feeling tied down to things I forgot to imagine in my adulting daydreams and the new things I've learned in this journey of my life.

To everyone who follows me and my art, I thank you. Keep following along, it's always interesting and full of colorful palettes.

Angela Barker