Ancestral Inspirations Pt.1

Smelling the aroma of browned toast with a generous helping of butter and grape jelly brings back all the memories I have of her. She cared for me during the summer days and after school, played with my ears while she watched her soap operas, fed me apple slices (always Golden Delicious) that she would cut up one at time with the same paring knife, & taught me how to string beans.

My nanny was and still is the epitome of a mountain grandmother. A loving woman who made me see the world in all the secret ways she taught me. I remember her walking me through the garden that my pawpaw still grows each year and feeding her pet chickens. Picking bachelor buttons that grew on the hillside and swinging on the tire swing.

Doris was her name. Each day when I walk into my studio and sit at my easel I always have her kind, smiling face looking back at me.

  My nanny.
InspirationAngela Barker