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I've been honing and seeking my voice as an artist since I was a little girl wanting to paint in each and every class at school. Art is in my blood. It flows in me and inspires my every waking moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.


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Abstract Magazine Transcript

My ambition with the Molecular series is to create a visual representation of the untamed, wild energy within me for others to witness. The Molecular series is a very intentional development of visual diary entries of how my body feels at that moment behind the easel and the way I'm internally reacting to my day-to-day.

It's like the quote by Carl Sagan, "We are all stardust." For me, I want to explore that miniature part of myself. I want to acknowledge that I'm more than this life I live and the way I move throughout my days.

I've found that while creating this series I've become more honest and intuitive with my Art. When someone is looking at a painting of mine, they're seeing a part of me that's vulnerable. They’re seeing this part of me that is delicate but is also strong and vibrant.